Want to Understand Spoken French?
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About Us

We aim to build a community of motivated learners while training your ears to understand spoken French by using methods that have proven to work.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You've been all about French for quite some time now. You finally got a handle on when it makes sense to use "ĂȘtre" rather than "avoir", and you're impressed by how quickly your vocabulary is growing.

Out of nowhere, you got the wildest idea to test yourself by streaming a French video on your computer... And... You can't understand anything! Everyone is speaking too fast and every word sounds exactly the same.

Good News: You're Not Alone

Our research have shown that this is the greatest obstacle for both novice and veteran leaners alike. But, worry no more! We have built a community that brings these folks together to help each other overcome this challenge.

It works like this:

You Suggest a Topic.

Any visitor can make a topic suggestion. Think of an everyday topic that interests the general public and send it over to us through our contact page!

We Create a Podcast About Your Topic.

We have a small yet reliable group of writers who work for us as volunteers. Some of them are veterans learners who are looking for a method to practice their writting skills. Others are beginners who simply want to contribute out of the kindness of their heart. If you'd like to be part of that group, Contact us at any time! No certification is required!

You Listen to a Native French Present the Podcast.

The article gets edited (or translated, if needed) and read by a native French speaker as a read-along podcast episode.

How Exactly Will That Help Me?

The problem is, some French words use sounds that doesn't exist in the language(s) that you are fluent in. Therefore, your brain doesn't know what to make of them upon hearing them.

The following features are used to remedy this:

Podcast Transcriptions: Our software will highlight the sentences from the transcript as they are being said by the presenter. This will help you associate each word with the sound that they make.

Level Adjustments: Our leveling tool allows you to challenge your ears as your listening skills improve. A number of words will become invisible based on the level you set for yourself.